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This site has been selected with care from many MANY candidates. To qualify for this prestigous award, the site must exhibit crappiness unparallelled by and incomparable to the average "crappy" site.Remember, crappiness is in the eye of the beholder.To submit a site for consideration, email me or post on this site.
Enjoy the crap!

Date: 9/12/02
Today we feature:
The Personal Page of: Abhijit Dasgupta

This site is insightful in so many ways! Our friend Abhijit, hereafter called "Bob," would surely be the life of any party he chose to attend! Listen to what his day consists of:
I like to eat (a lot) and I have a sweet tooth. Sometimes I drink (don't all of us do?). Often times I even sleep (sometimes alone ;-)! And then in between all of those, I'll need to go to visit the bathroom. Most of the time I do all of those, practically everyday! And sometimes I do things with other people. I used to go to college, but I dropped out and now I work.

Clearly Bob serves as a rolemodel for how to live out one's own life, excelling beyond the scope of the average person's experience eating, drinking, sleeping and going to the bathroom. (and doing it all everyday!) Such an immensely social person!
In addition, he finds time for his hobbies:
My hobbies and interests include computer programming, playing badminton, reading books, listening to music and generally chilling out with my friends.

Ah yes, his friends! When asked to name a few members of this globe-spanning group, he replied:
Some of them are listed below.


What one wouldn't give to be numbered amongst such company!
In addition to Bob's unique mastery of the English language, these traits make Bob's site a winner in anyone's book!

Overall, we see here an example of the average burden on society. Why such people continue their existence is beyond me. This site receives:

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