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This site was put up in Feb '99. I maintained it for almost a year, and then lost interest. Then, in early 2002, I updated it due to the incessant nagging of a certain individual. Then it stopped being updated until yesterday, August 14, when I completely redid it. I intend now to go on with regular updates, daily if possible, and bring back some of the features that the old site had, i.e. The Metallica Site, the TI-83 Site (which is now under development as DethPhfestival Software) and a few other quirky items.I will keep you all posted, apparently a large number of people visited this site during my absence (hence the counter being at 900 some-odd hits).
Enjoy the site.

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"What are grades? A judgement. Didn't Jesus say, Judge not lest ye be judged?"

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Added a Crappy Site of the Day link, if only I had the time to update it that much. Also some minor GUI improvements for speed, most of it only gets loaded once, if your browser stores pages in cache. Some more quotes were added. It's official: the BBS does not work. I have no idea why, I am lokking into it. To the best of my knowledge, this means that no posts anyone makes will be viewable by anyone but me, and even then only by looking at the data files themselves. I'll work on it, and let you know when it gets fixed.
Song: Iced Earth- Phantom Opera GhostThu 9/12/02 4:32:49 PM

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