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  Thursday, July 25th, 2024
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More Improvements

Added a Crappy Site of the Day link, if only I had the time to update it that much. Also some minor GUI improvements for speed, most of it only gets loaded once, if your browser stores pages in cache. Some more quotes were added. It's official: the BBS does not work. I have no idea why, I am lokking into it. To the best of my knowledge, this means that no posts anyone makes will be viewable by anyone but me, and even then only by looking at the data files themselves. I'll work on it, and let you know when it gets fixed.
Song: Iced Earth- Phantom Opera GhostThu 9/12/02 4:32:49 PM

Welcome to the New and Improved Site

TA DA! It's done. I found some graphics and tweaked the GUI a bit more to include 4 content windows and complete enframement of the whole site. More pages to come, now that the menu doesnt have those stupid scrollbars. Keep checking the site out!
My Deepest sympathies to thoe who lost loved ones in the attacks one year ago today. We'll make those bastards pay.
Song: Rammstein- Feuer FreiWed 9/11/02 10:01:24 PM

Site Revamped... AGAIN!

If you havn't noticed yet, you should probably seek help, but the site has been totally redone, frames gone, color scheme reconfigured (easy to do with css). More updates along these lines to come, I'm still looking for decent graphics to use. Expect another update in the next two weeks.
Song: Rammstein- Feuer FreiTue 9/10/02 8:37:08 PM

Senior Orientation

Got my schedule for senior year, here it is:
Period 1MeloshSewnigMeloshSewnigMeloshSewnig
Period 2WicelinskiMeloshSewnigMeloshSewnigMelosh
Period 3PrioliMcKennaMaloneySlatteryFreeFree
Period 4McKennaMaloneySlatteryFreeFreePrioli
Period 5MaloneySlatteryFreeFreePrioliMcKenna
Period 6SlatteryFreeFreePrioliMcKennaMaloney
Period 7FreeFreePrioliMcKennaMaloneySlattery
Period 8FreePrioliMcKennaMaloneySlatteryFree
Song: Rammstein- Feuer FreiWed 9/4/02 2:41:56 PM

Nothing New

I havn't updated the site in over a week; it is now September, and I am trying to get my computer in full working order for school in :gasp: 2 days! Particularly the DVD player, which, in spite of almost 2 days of hacking and web-searching, still refuses to work. Damn the lack of OS X support (it worked before I upgraded). Ah well, many other things to be done, including fixing the corrupted Quicktime Video extensions (which may have something to do with the DVD problems, but not all of it). Back to work, talk you you all later.
Song: Rammstein- Feuer FreiMon 9/2/02 10:24:57 PM

More Minor Updates

To cut down on the size of this page, I've moved the news over to another page, with the exception of the current day's news update. Added some more quotes to the random generator, made some more progress on the TI-83 site, but it's still not ready to be put up. Looking for a new domain for that site. Nothing new and exciting, Proteus 2.1 got pushed back several days =(. Thats all folks.
Song: Demons & Wizards- Blood on my HandsSun 8/25/02 4:11:57 PM

New Site Area

Added a page listing some of my favorite songs and bands, and then some songs that I don't like at all. The lists are now up for debate in the General BS forum, feel free to argue your heart out. OS X 10.2 "Jaguar" is out today! It's supposed to be more network compatible with Windows than Windows itself is. I think my dad preordered a copy, I can't wait 'til it gets here. Proteus 2.1 is also supposed to be out today, but I checked the site this morning at about 8 AM, and theres still no sign of it. I expect to see it later today. (I hope it works this time). Alright, thats all for now.
See you all later.
Song: Demons & Wizards- Blood on my HandsSat 8/24/02 10:16:21 AM

Nothing Much Today...

Demons & Wizards is really fucking good, almost as good as Metallica, almost as good as Iced Earth. They are actually a lot like Iced Earth, but whereas IE could be rated 60% Metallica, 40% Iron Maiden, Demons & Wizards is the exact opposite. I recommend them to anybody. If someone wants tracks off their album, email me and we'll see what we can work out.
Song: Demons & Wizards- Heaven DeniesFri 8/23/02 12:11:46 PM

Freedom of speech?

I find it greatly amusing that people think they can say whatever they want on this site. So amusing, in fact, that I'm going to allow it to continue. Just don't be suprised if you wind up saying something different than (read: completely opposite) what you intended. If the government is going to censor the media, I'm sure as hell going to follow good old Uncle Sam's example.
Have a good day.
Song: Demons & Wizards- Heaven DeniesWed 8/21/02 10:35:12 PM


I just upgraded my operating system to the New Mac OS X 10.1.5- it rules. With only a few minor bugs getting the install done, it has runn flawlessly thus far, and is by far the most stable operating system i have ever seen or used. I did have a little trouble with my new email client (most of you will be hearing from me about that =( but everything is sweet so far. I just updated my web development pregram to work under X, so sorry about no update yesterday. I will be installing the UBER- L33T Macromedia Studio MX within the next few days, so depending on how quickly I grasp its UI, there may be some massive updates to the site in the next few weeks. Oh, and the septic problem got fixed yesterday. Thankfully. Thats all for now, trying to get Microsoft Word X to work.
Song: Lifer- BreathlessTue 8/20/02 3:47:43 PM

Septic Exodus

Last night at about 11:45 PM, the septic line to the tank in the front yard blew out in our basement, sending toilet water and lots of other yummy things all over the walls and floor. Since then, we have been without running water of any kind. Actually, it runs, but if we allow it to drain, it ends up in the basement. The main sewage line apparently has a nasty clog in it, because when my dad and I tried to snake it, the wire got stuck. So, after digging up no less than 40 square feet of my front yard in the noonday sun, we located the septic tank, which, upon opening, we found to be full, thus the reason for the clog. Of course, nobody will come out to pump it on a sunday, so we have a room at the Colts Neck Inn to go to for showering and flush toilets.
Just fucking great.
Why does this shit always happen to me?
Song: Lifer- BreathlessSun 8/18/02 2:53:19 PM

New Songs

Posted 3 new finished songs that I wrote: Rime, Catalyst, and Out of Place. I also changed the layout of the songs page slightly, to be able to accomodate more in the future, using a table instead of normal text (also allows for "NEW!" banners next to new songs). Screwed with the Nave Bar layout some, and fixed a small bug in the guestbook. (It was missing a colon in both the view and sign pages; told you it was a small bug.) Oh, and I also added two million hits to the site counter, just because. Later everyone.
Song: Lifer- BreathlessSat 8/17/02 3:49:56 PM

Minor Updates Today...

Added a Jeff K quote that I couldnt find before to the random generator, and finally found the BLUNDERCATS link, which I recommend to everyone. It's in the links section. VROOM is funny as all hell, and if you can play MPEGs, go see it!!! I also added a piece that will display the song of the day in the "News" section. Thats all for now, I have to go work on my MASSIVE list of positions held and honors awarded for my Eagle Scoutmaster's Conference tonight.
Song: Incubus- Idiot BoxFri 8/16/02 3:07:34 PM

Site Overhaul Completed

Huge updates today, in addition to the framesets added last night. Guestbook, Bulletin Board, Fonts redone, some parts of the site were randomized, and some of my own songs were put up. Glad it's done. Now I can get a handle on those goddamned college essays...
Song: Metallica- Outlaw TornThu 8/15/02 4:16:05 PM

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